khaaliDimaag [dot] io

operating between the two ends of the spectrum,
from only the brain, to the empty brain


khaaliDimaag is an ambitious idea that hopes to create a second brain for every human in the hope of providing the best of human technology to all of humanity. A secondary goal is to create virtual backups of the self so as to avoid (or at least delay) the second death.

khaaliDimaag is a conjunction of two hindi words - khaali and dimaag - joined together in camelCase. dimaag typically refers to the brain or the mind, and is loosely interchangable between the organ and the conscious self. khaali can mean only or empty depending on the context.

khaaliDimaag thus is a play on the two words to mean only the brain or empty brain. It then helps to refer to the idea of only [it] being the brain so you can be an empty brain!

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